Our Why 

We believe in moments. 

 We believe you can have a fantastic life and should enjoy more moments doing the things you love and being with the ones you love. We believe with advice that combines long-term strategy + short term tactics, executed with discipline, you can have more moments. 

 Our Value 

The Value of our advice lies in strategy, tactics, and influence.  

 A robust long-term strategy combines all your objectives and goals and is built on sound tactics to achieve them. We need to influence you and keep you disciplined to execute good financial behaviour. This enables you to build toward your long-term strategy.  

 You cannot control the share market, house prices, tax rates, or changes in legislation. You can control your income, expenses, daily choices, ethical preferences, and risk level.  

 The Tactics are defined in asset allocation, asset location, tax structure, platform selection, investment type & selection (Shares, ETFs, Managed Fund, or Separately Managed Accounts), and insurance type & selection.  

 Our Advice Fees 

We provide Holistic and Comprehensive advice. We base our fees on the Strategy, Complexity, and Value to you, this includes documenting, implementing our recommendations.  We charge a fixed fee each year with the average ranging from 1.1% to 1.5%, depending on asset level and advice areas involved. Most strategies we recommend require annual review to ensure they achieve your goals.

 Our Process – Your Journey & Experience 

We need to figure out where you are and where you are headed. This first meeting requires discussing your long-term strategy focusing on your objectives and goals, their priorities and timeframes. We need this to figure out your financial destination. We will cover some high-level strategies. 

 After the first meeting we need you to reflect on two things; are we the best fit for you? And do we have your Trust?  

 If so and you wish to move forward we issue you a terms of engagement. On acceptance, we will then invoice you personally 50% of our advice fee. The remainder we invoice on delivery of the advice document. Where appropriate you may request us to apportion your bill between entities and super funds. 

 After proceeding, we have conversations around debt, risk, investing, insurance, retirement, and what legacy you wish to leave. We educate you, coach you, inspire you, hold you accountable and show you how to have great finances that are right for you. The intent is to educate you to make informed decisions, so you understand your options and we understand your preferences. This involves some trade-off conversations. 

 This leads to our strategy meeting where we give an outline of the tactics and their benefits to achieve your long-term strategy. After you are happy with the direction, the next stage is optimising these strategies to finalise and present our recommendations. We will implement and monitor the advice and schedule in our next appointments.  

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Video Overview of Financial Advice Process


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