About Us

Moiler Wealth is known for helping high net wealth individuals and family groups, professionals, business owners and pre-retirees to live life, your way!

We specialise in financial advice and planning using our proven 7-step Early Retirement framework for accumulating, managing and protecting your personal wealth for enjoying life now, and when you decide it’s time to retire.

Why? Because we believe you should do more of what you enjoy, with those you love most. And, if you can afford to work less, then you probably should!


Evolving from Moiler Associates, a well-respected Perth Chartered Accounting firm, Moiler Wealth was founded in the 1990s by Ian Moiler.

Back then, Ian Moiler’s vision was to provide his accounting clients with the very best all-round advice. Today it’s referred to it as ‘holistic’ advice that considers a client’s entire financial life and aims to achieve what’s important to them.

Ian Moiler lived his own life by this mantra. His son Adam remembers the family travelled a lot when he was a child. And, not just to mainstream tourist spots – the Moilers walked the Inca Trail in South America when Adam was just seven! It therefore stands to reason Adam’s 10 tenets lists travel as a justifiable expense.

Today, Adam Moiler is the firm’s Head of Advice, and he continues his father’s legacy, delivering highly qualified holistic financial advice.

Our 10 Tenets

We believe…


If you can afford to work less, you probably should!


A clear vision makes everything easy


Failing to plan is planning to fail


Do it right, do it all or not at all


Travel is a justified expense


It's not what you earn, it’s what you invest


Focus on achieving ‘Return on Strategy’


Budget your debt, your passions, your investments & retirement – spend the rest


Generating wealth requires some sacrifice


Celebrate the wins

Our Value

Our clients often describe the most valuable aspect of Moiler Wealth’s advice is the positive influence we have on their financial behaviours.  Here’s how some of our clients describe their experience with Moiler Wealth:

Our approach focusses on the things you can control and for those you can’t, having well considered contingency plans.

Our financial strategies lie in our knowledge and experience of asset allocation and asset location, platform and investment selection, tax structures and your spending requirements. We also provide financial education. Sharing financial insight aims to influence good financial behaviours and decision making creating a two-way street of understanding between us as your financial adviser and you as our client so you may live life, your way.  

About Adam

Adam Moiler
Head of Advice

Adam is a highly qualified and experienced financial adviser and planner helping high net wealth individuals and family groups, professionals, business owners and pre-retirees to generate and manage their wealth so they may live life, their way.

Adam is a life-learner as his considerable qualifications and experiences attest.

He effortlessly blends his natural affinity with numbers, complex problem-solving and discipline with the curiosity of an adventurer who has been travelling the world since childhood.  He also has a deep sense of civic duty as evidenced by his community involvements.

Adam served in the Army Reserve for 12 years and was a member of the Swanbourne SLS from 2012 to 2016, and as he says he’s been playing basketball forever! 

These qualities underpin a successful financial services professional, capable of applying often complex financial concepts.

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Our Accountability Statement

Our partnership together produces the best outcomes and success when it has a...

We mentality
We share responsibility
We stay accountable to one another
We communicate openly
We respond timely to one another
You share all your financial data, so your Wealth Portal is live
We keep each other updated about life events, holidays, situation and family changes
We collaborate and discuss upcoming significant financial transactions before they occur
You share your concerns promptly
We focus on long term outcomes