Discovery Meeting

We specialise in financial advice and planning for accumulating, managing and protecting your personal wealth for enjoying life now and when you decide it’s time to retire.

You should do more of what you enjoy, with those you love most. And, if you can afford to work less, then you probably should! 

Our 10 Tenets

We believe…


If you can afford to work less, you probably should!


A clear vision makes everything easy


Failing to plan is planning to fail


Do it right, do it all or not at all


Travel is a justified expense


It's not what you earn, it’s what you invest


Focus on achieving ‘Return on Strategy’


Budget your debt, your passions, your investments & retirement – spend the rest


Generating wealth requires some sacrifice


Celebrate the wins

Our Approach

The partnership between client and financial planner is usually life-long and as is the case for all successful partnerships, it’s two-way. That is, each respects and trusts the other, willingly working together to achieve agreed goals. 

Our implementation approach will take us through five important steps that will help us to get to know whether (or not) we are suited as financial partners working towards achieving agreed financial goals that will enable you to live life your way.

7-step Early Retirement Framework

Steps for our advised approach

Our Accountability Statement

Our partnership together produces the best outcomes and success when it has a...

We mentality
We share responsibility
We stay accountable to one another
We communicate openly
We respond timely to one another
You share all your financial data, so your Wealth Portal is live
We keep each other updated about life events, holidays, situation and family changes
We collaborate and discuss upcoming significant financial transactions before they occur
You share your concerns promptly
We focus on long term outcomes

Partnership Benefits

Unlimited access to the Wealth Team

Convenience and ease of managing finances

Gain greater peace of mind

Feel a greater sense of control over your finances

Feel greater financial awareness & security

Sounding boarding for financial decisions

Gain greater confidence in making financial decisions

Integrated expertise

Understand financial concepts and markets

Integrated and optimised plan for tax, debt, super and retirement

Easily track your growing net wealth

Benefit of Options

We structure our long-term partnerships to include

Physiotherapist & Engineer require financial triage

Bill and Maddie are highly qualified busy professionals. Maddie is a senior physiotherapist. Bill is a mechanical engineer studying his Masters.

Woo hoo! 10 years to retirement

Roger and Margaret are thinking about retirement, but they’re quick to add ‘not just yet’.